The Barn at Cedar Meadows

Our wedding and event venue here in Cedar City, Utah serves as the picturesque backdrop for some of Southern Utah’s most remarkable events. Our dedicated team of event professionals are committed to ensuring that you experience every magical moment on your big day. From the initial setup to the very last guest dancing the night away, we’re here to guarantee that you and your loved ones have the most unforgettable day imaginable.

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All Inclusive Venue

4,000 sqft Banquet Hall

Set on 5 acres there are plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding or event.

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Tables and Chairs

All tables and chairs are included along with table white or ivory linens with table sashes. Our 60″ round tables seat 8-10 comfortably while our 8 ft tables seat 8.

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Wedding Decor

All inclusive wedding decor. Variety of centerpieces, lanters, floral arrangements, signs, frames, and other decorations you may choose from.


All inclusive venue

Weddings to remember. Events that make history.
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Frequently Asked Questions
I've Paid my deposit and signed the contract. Now what?

Welcome! We are so excited that you’ve booked an event with us here at The Barn at Cedar Meadows. Once you have signed the contract and placed your deposit, your reservation is complete and the day is officially yours. Yay! We will be available via email, phone, or text if you have any questions. We will schedule another meeting with you 30 – 45 days prior to your event date to take your final payment and to go over final details of where you’d like tables and chairs placed and decide on color and quantity of tablecloths.

*Please note: Any changes made to your reservation (number of tables, chairs, color or number of tablecloths, etc.) made after the final planning meeting are not guaranteed.

What is included in my venue rental?
  • Spacious 4,000 sqft banquet hall / ballroom
  • Large outdoor patio and lighted lawn space
  • All tables and chairs included. 60″ round tables seat 8-10, 8ft tables seat 8
  • Unlimited basic linens – white or ivory along with table sashes as needed
  • Wedding Decor, variety of centerpieces, lanterns floral arrangements, signs, frames and other decorations you may choose from
  • Bluetooth dance speakers / mic setup
  • Bar included
  • Spacious bridal suite with private restroom
  • Groom quarters with private restroom
  • Table and chair setup and take down
  • 1 hour coordination meeting with our Events Manager
  • Event hostess on site during your event to help everything run smoothly
Do you decorate for my event?

Most brides or those planning events already have a vision in mind of what they want decorations to look like- many down to the last beautiful, personal detail. We understand that so we offer you the use of the items we have collected in our storage room, but we do NOT presume to know how you would like those items put together and set out. So, the answer is NO- we do not set up decorations for your event. We want your wedding or event to look exactly how YOU like it – not how WE like it. After all, this day is about you.

Do you allow candles?

Yes, as long as they are housed in glass containers that are taller than the candles to catch the wax and so the flames are not exposed. If you want taper candles get the LED ones, they are beautiful and you can still achieve the look you want.

What time do I get the rental from?

Monday – Friday you rent by the hour. You choose your hours and will let us know on your final walk through done 30 days prior to your event. If you go out side your rented hours we charge $55 per 15 minute increment. You can add to your rented day at anytime prior to your event. A Saturday rental is 10 hours, but if you need more than 10 hours you can add additional time to your day on your final walk through for an additional charge. We love to party, but to keep our lovely framed business license we have to follow the county noise ordinance, which requires us to be quiet after 10:00 p.m. So, with that being said, the music and party (loud noise) has to be done by 10:00 p.m. The last hour from 10:00 to 11:00 is used only for cleanup. Plan on ending the festivities an hour or so before the time you need to cleanup.

Can caterers / decorators come in before our rental time to setup?

We rent our venue by the our or the day (Saturday is a 10-hour rate). You will want to plan on getting everything done including setup and clean up during the hours you are renting. If you’d like an extra hour or more to setup or your caterer feels theyll need more time, let us know and we will see if there is time available. Additional hours are charged at our hourly rate. Otherwise, your army of help and hired personnel can come in when your rental time begins and this place will turn into a beehive with helpers buzzing around getting ready for your event. We understand that sometimes things take longer than planned and we try to work with you the best we can. Just understand that if additional time is used outside of your contracted time you will be charged. Let us know as soon as possible if you feel you need more time for your event outside of your contracted hours.

What is my role at the end of the night?

At the end of the night, you’ll need to oversee that the cleaning checklist is completed. We take care of the things we set up for you – tables, chairs, linens (if linens are rented from us)

What restrictions apply to decorating?

The Barn is brand new – and we appreciate your help in keeping it looking gorgeous for years to come! No nails, command hooks, tape, thumbtacks, etc. Also, please NO GLITTER (or ribbon WITH GLITTER) As beautiful as it certainly would look for your wedding, the next bride or event guest may not appreciate your sparkly theme. You can use sticky tack, zip ties, floral wire or fishing line to attach or hang things in The Barn. Let us know your plans on your final planning meeting to make sure you can do everything you want on your special day.

What is the alcohol policy?

We do allow alcohol. There is a seperate contract for those who wish to have alcohol at your event. Please call and speak to us if this is something you wish to have at your event and we will schedule a time to fill out the contract and let you know all the details. If you do not have an alcohol agreement (contract) with us, NO alcohol will be allowed at your event. If someone is suspected of bringing alcohol or consuming alcohol at your event they will be asked to leave and you will be charged a $300 charge. So please decide if you are going to allow alcohol or not and spread the word to your guests and bridal party.

Can we cook our own food at The Barn

The Barn provides a prep space. All food must arrive at The Barn completely cooked. The prep space is ideal for preparing cold items and placing warm items in chaffing dishes. Caterers or restaurants should be prepared to bring the food in hot boxes to keep it warm for your event. You are welcome to self-cater your event.

Do you allow Sparklers?

Sparklers are permitted but only if we are given the sparklers prior to the event. You will let us know the time to pass them out and we will light them for you. You will need to provide the 20″ to 36″ sparklers, we do not allow the small sparklers. If sparklers are not given to us prior to your event you will not be allowed to light them during your sendoff. We do not allow the sparklers to be lit and played with by adults or children. They are to be used for the sendoff only. If there is any damage to the property from sparklers you will be charged for all repairs or replacement of items damaged. We do not allow confettin, rice, fake flower petals, hay or glitter. Glow sticks, battery powered sparklers, bubbles (outside only) are allowed and make a very fun exit.

Are there rooms where we can get ready?

Yes! We have two suites that provide a great space to get ready for the big day as well as store personal items during your event.

How can I make my payments

The Barn accepts payments by credit card, debit card, personal check, cashier’s check, and Venmo.

What is your cancellation policy?

All sales are final. Once you are booked there is no refund of money upon cancellation or rescheduling.

Can I come take a tour?

Yes! We would love the opportunity to show you the building and discuss the details of your event. Please call or text us at (435) 531 – 8319.

We want your event to be everything you dream it will be. If you have any questions we have not addressed, please feel free to reach out to us.